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                ABOUT HOOSUN

                Providing intelligent plant solutions for global process industry

                Hoosun Company (with stock code 835153.OC) dedicates to providing intelligent industrial 4.0 intelligent plant solutions and intelligent equipment system integration services for fine chemical industry; provide non-standard equipment customization services for fine chemicals, food and pharmaceutical industry; provide high performance and high reliability software and control system development services; and also provide intelligent factory EPC whole plant construction services.
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                OUR SERVICE
                PRODUCT CENTER

                Our promise:We deliver constant reliable German Quality

                IMS Intelligent Mixing System

                The HOOSUN IMS is an in-line dispersing machine,which generating a strong suction vacuum in the dispersion zone.

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                Basket Mill

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                Smart Mill Nano

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                Production Module

                This compact plant design is a separate and independent unit for slurry production or final product manufacturing.

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                Industry 4, process industry, intelligent factory solution

                Industry 4 is one of the ten major future projects proposed by the German government in the German 2020 high technology strategy. The project is co-financed by the German Federal Bureau of Education and Research and the Federal Ministry of Economy and Technology. The investment is expected to reach 200 million euros.

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                Our promise:We deliver constant reliable German Quality

                Hoosun participated in the 2017 Gaogong annual meeting

                On January 8th ,the 2017 Gaogong lithium & electric vehicle annual meeting is held at the Mission Hills Resort Hotel Convention Center ...

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                Hoosun Company (with stock code 835153.OC) dedicates to providing intelligent industrial 4.0 intell...

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